Sunday, November 20, 2011

Find a true bargain at Haymarket

Is the food from the chain store supermarket eating away your budget?
If yes, you might want to check this out!

Haymarket will definitely be a good place for you to find a good bargain.

The market offer every kinds of food in extremely low price, which it is hard for you to spend over ten dollar for one purchase, no wander a lot of people bring their luggage to carry their food home.

Although the food in Haymarket is already cheap enough, there are still some tips for you get the perfect price.

First, don’t act on an impulse and buy the food from the first vendor you see, but spend you first round walk to compare the quality and the price from different vendors, or else you will end up feeling regret when you see the better offer in another stand.

Second, if you enjoy haggle over the price and bargain with the vendors, start your hunt at 4 or 5 o’clock before the market is going to close, because the vendors will try to sell out all their food at that time and will be even more generous to offer you a bargain.

Third, better bring you wheel basket or luggage to carry your achievement since the price is so low that you will try your best to bring as many as possible food home.

Finally, the market only opens at Friday and Saturday and close around 6, so don’t go there at the wrong day and the wrong time!

See you next time and good luck to your food shopping!

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